Pricing for storytelling through film and video production is notoriously difficult as every project is different. For most projects I would usually need to put a quote together based on an initial discussion to understand the scope of the work.

As a very rough guide, most projects culminating in a short (2-5 mins) documentary style film start from £2.5k, a longer more in depth 10-15 min story would start from £7k and a full feature style documentary of 30+ minutes would start from £15k. Some projects are best realised with outputs comprising a longer form film alongside many short or micro stories covering cross-cutting themes which come out from the research and the process.

If you already know what story you want to tell and how you want to tell it you can book me as a self-shooting director or lighting camera operator on a day by day basis to work within your production plan. Please check out my rate card below:


Here are some BTS pics from some of my productions working as a DP and/or Director: