This is a deeply personal film about the trauma of our son Gene’s leukaemia diagnosis and the brutal three year chemo treatment we’ve needed to help him through. The film explores how Art Therapy helped my wife Sarah heal and reconnect with and process the feelings she had to bury deep inside herself to cope. This film is also very much a form of therapy for me to make sense of what we’ve been through as a family. As a filmmaker, the painful but rewarding process of organising and communicating our journey into a film helps me to move forward and we hope that this film can help others who may be struggling too.

You can find out more about Sarah and her work at


Gear used: I shot most of this on my Canon C200 in raw apart from the beach stuff which was Canon EOS R and the older family clips were iphone, canon 600d and blackmagic bmpcc and bmcc cams. I recorded audio using sanken COS-11 lav into Rode wireless kits straight into the C200 XLR (I should have done something about the buckle on Sarah’s dungaree’s, sorry about the clicking).